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“Communication – the human connection is key to personal and career success.”Paul J. Meyer

Hinckley-Big Rock Middle School had its annual Career Day on February 3rd.  As a school and a staff we continue to see the importance of exposing our students to career opportunities. When using the words career readiness, we are referring to graduates who have the soft skills and motivation to pursue a self-directed goal, adapt to challenges along the way, and know the options to obtain their post-secondary career. The goal of Career Day at HBRMS is to help in the students’ development of a self-directed goal and knowledge about the options to obtain post-secondary careers. Students were allowed to observe 4 different, 20 minutes sessions. 

The students at HBRMS had over 24 presenters and 26 careers represented. The presenters were engaged in discussions about their careers and paths to their careers. We continue to get a variety of careers which require different post-secondary training. Students are introduced to Career Clusters (see below) through an Oklahoma Career Cluster Interest Survey.

The following is a list of careers that were represented: Principal, Financial Planner, Cosmetology, Electrician, Farmer, Pastor/Caterer, Veterinarian, Realtor, Small Business Owner Travel Agency, College Athletics, DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Police Dispatcher, IVVC, Nurse, Sports Official, Park District Manager, Stem Careers in Agriculture, National Guard, Music Marketing Manager, Supply Chain Manager – Ulta Beauty, Teacher, Computer Programmer, Dog Trainer, Paramedic/Firefighter

HBR # 429 School Nurse Emily Oldenburg discussing the field of nursing
This year we had new small business owner, Lauren Sanderson, presenting about dog training. This picture above is her session with our own Mrs. Rooney playing the part of a “dog whisperer”.
IVVC Administrator, Laura Edwards, discusses opportunities at IVVC while in high school
HBR Alum, Emily Herrmann, shares her cosmetology skills
HBR Alum, Tim Badal Pastor/Catering, takes a question during one of his presentations
HBR Alum, Greg Prichard, did double duty by having sessions in both farming and electrician work
Retired HBRHS and MS teacher, Cindy Spurgeon, returns to talk about the teaching profession
This year we had four members of the Dekalb County Sheriff’s office Deputies Luke Chambers (Pictured with K-9 Colt), Justin Moede, Lieutenant Joe Rood, and HBR Alum, Matt Federman - Dispatcher
HBR Alum, Kendra Heiss, talks about being a firefighter and paramedic
HBR Alum, Alley Mills, and her Recruiter, Kenneth Schrieber, talk about possibilities in the National Guard
Josh Juneau, HBR Alum, talks to students about his career in programming and working at Fermilab

Students at the conclusion were given a Career Cluster survey.   They were also allotted time to go online with XELLO, the program helps our students prepare for academic, career, and future success. XELLO helps students build the skills, knowledge and create plans to be future ready.  The program uses an investigative, discovery-based learning process. Students better understand themselves, their future career options, and the 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed.  For more information please contact our office.  All our students should have a log-in.

On behalf of the students, staff, Mrs. Torman and myself we want to thank you very much for presenting at our HBRMS Career Day. We believe educational experiences like this are critical in our student’s development. We couldn’t have done it without the dedicated professional such as you who is willing to share their knowledge and time.

Thanks also to staff Mr. Bastian and Mrs. Burgh for helping organize the students schedule, Mrs. Nokes for putting together the bio’s, Mr. Jourdan for introducing the presenters again this year, and every other staff member for making the day a huge success.