Bus Information and Bus Route Information Beginning April 6, 2021

(scroll down for information for HBRMS shuttle students)

If your student is taking the bus to school beginning April 6, 2021, please note the following:

Students must wear masks while riding the school bus. If your student is not wearing a mask, he/she WILL NOT be allowed to board the bus. Please be sure to do the student health screenings for your students prior to pick-up time.

Students must stay in their assigned bus seats at all times.Students will sit alone in their bus seat or with a family member in order to maintain as much social distancing as possible.

Students may not share phones, devices, snacks, etc. while riding the bus.

Students will NOT be able to ride any bus but their assigned bus AT ANY TIME. Student bus groups will be kept together for health and safety reasons as much as possible.

Bus windows will be kept open, weather permitting, to improve ventilation.

Buses will be disinfected by bus drivers before and after every trip, every day.

Bus Route Information

Estimated bus pick-up times for AM and PM students will be available at the links provided on this page. These are estimates and may vary, especially at the beginning of this new phase as we adapt to returning to full day in-school learning.  Please be patient and have your student outside and ready to go at least 5 minutes before the time indicated.

Middle School Shuttles 

Middle school students attending the middle school will ride AM and PM shuttles as in past regular school years.  Stops are on McKinley (Hinckley 8 AM) Miller/Clark(Hinckley 9 AM) or Hinckley 10 (East Clark, Christensen, Coster and Rees).  Please check those schedules for stops and times.  Your student should report to the stop nearest to your  home for pick-up every day.