The District has implemented a new building use request system called ML Schedules when requesting the use of District building areas for meetings, events, fundraisers, etc. This process will be used for internal and external scheduling on a first come, first served basis. School events are given priority in the scheduling process.

Reserve building area use by accessing ML Schedules via this web page below. If you are a first time ML Schedules user, you must register and be approved to use the system as indicated. If you are already registered and approved, just log-in and follow the procedures.. Once you are approved and have made your building request, the request will be reviewed by the appropriate person in each building and you will receive an e-mail indicating whether your request has been approved or denied. A color-coded calendar showing all events in all 3 buildings that have been already been scheduled through the system will help you determine if a building is open during your needed time before you make your request.

You must do a building use request for any and all activities that require the use of a specific building area at a specific date and time. The ML Schedule system helps you in make sure the area you wish to use is available and reserved, but helps the custodial staff with any set-up or cleaning they may need to do, andl makes building administrators and custodians aware of who is in their building and for what reason.

You can find links to short videos in the ML Video Guides section under Building Use Forms.

***Note – if you have already requested the use of a building/area for 2022-23, please check the ML Schedules calendar on the website to make sure your event was transferred into the calendar. If it is not on the calendar, please contact Megan Sheffer, msheffer@hbr429.org.