Medication Administration at School
Medications can be administered by school personnel with a signed doctor's note on file. The medication must be provided by the guardian in a labeled prescription bottle. Over-the-counter medications need to be provided by the guardian in an unopened package.

Self-Administration of Medication Form
Students are permitted to carry and self-administer asthma inhalers, and allergy medication with parent and physician approval. Please complete this form and submit it to the office.

Asthma Action Plan
Please complete this form to the best of your abilities if your student has a diagnosis of asthma.

Food Allergy Action Plan
Please submit this form if your student has a severe food or environmental allergy that may require the use of emergency Epinephrine (Epi-Pen) at school. Please note that you will also need to submit a form for Medication Administration at School for both the use of an Epi-Pen and for any other antihistamine, such as Benadryl.