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Last month, HBR Elementary School had an incredible opportunity to welcome several comfort dogs to our school to visit with each student and staff member. It was an amazing experience that everyone seemed to enjoy!

Nigel, Samson, and Adeena are the golden retrievers who joined us with their kind, compassionate handlers. These 3 dogs have comforted countless first responders and veterans and individuals on site at emergency locations like Sandy Hook, CT and Joplin, MO.

On December 16, it was our students’ turn to have the joy of visiting the pups. William Hanlon is a 1st grader in Mrs. Umano and Ms. Lavender’s classes, and he wants to share about his experience visiting the dogs. 

“I love dogs and I love dinosaurs. I also love to read! When the dogs came to our school, I loved it. They made me feel very happy. My favorite thing was to lay on the floor and pet Samson.

His face was gorgeous. I think Samson also really loves me. The dogs are so patient and they let all of us sit or lay with them. I think they helped make us all feel calm and happy. I hope that Samson and Nigel will come visit us again.” 

We are so grateful to the volunteers and dog owners of Lutheran Church Charities ministry for bringing their comfort dogs to spend time with us. William speaks for everyone in saying that we hope they will come visit us again!