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I am filled with gratitude and excitement to be part of the HBR Family.  The students, staff and community have welcomed me with open arms and I have enjoyed my first couple of months getting to know everyone.  I have been quizzing myself every day during students’ lunches to learn their names and I’m getting there!  If you have a middle schooler, ask them about all my mistakes; I’ve had quite a few!

This is my 16th year in education (6th as an administrator).  I started my career at Geneva School District #304 and was there for ten years as a high school English teacher and then as a middle school Dean of Students/Athletic Director.  Most recently I was the principal at AFC Jr/Sr High School at AFC District #275.  My favorite part of my job is the people.  I have met so many inspiring and interesting people during my career and learning about their stories and what motivates/challenges/inspires them is something I really enjoy.  The students bring joy, humor and excitement each day, which makes coming to school refreshing; you never know what each day will bring!

I live in Paw Paw with my husband, Mike, and two daughters, Sophie (age 9) and Lucy (age 6).  My husband was born and raised in Paw Paw and I’m a transplant from Butler, Pennsylvania.  “Small town livin’” was an adjustment for me, but I quickly realized that I love the quiet and calm it brings.  I serve as a school board member for Paw Paw school district and continue to learn each day about schools, funding, programming, etc.  I enjoy being involved and trying to support students, teachers, and communities any way that I can. 

I enjoy traveling, reading, going to concerts, and hanging out with family and friends.  I have traveled all over the US and have been able to visit every state aside from Hawaii and Alaska (they’re on my bucket list, though!).  My favorite memory from this summer is attending the Garth Brooks Concert and being upgraded to front row!  It was an amazing experience and one that I’ll never forget. 

 Thank you for welcoming me to your community. I appreciate the warmth and kindness I have experienced thus far and it makes me certain that joining HBR was certainly the right choice for me!