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Hello from HBRES! We have had a great start to the 22-23 school year. While our District hashtag is #BackToBetter, at the elementary school we are also remembering “We Are HBR! We are helpful, we are brave, and we are responsible.” So in thinking about #WeAreHBR, we decided to find a student who is truly showing those positive qualities. Meet Cassidy!

Hi! My name is Cassidy Barclay. I am 6 ½ years old. This year I am in 1st grade, in Mrs. Spinney’s class. We are already having a lot of fun in 1st grade and learning so much. Something really cool that we are doing is we have “COLOR DAYS!” We started with red then yellow then blue, then brown and today is green. We will finish with orange, pink, black & white, and lastly rainbow! For each color day, our whole day is about that color. In math, we do mystery math problems. For example, on red day, we solved the mystery item problem- the answer was red Twizzlers. Then all of our math problems had to do with Twizzlers. We were allowed to eat them when we were done. On brown day, we did counting, adding and making groups of 5 and 10 with chocolate chips. They tasted good!  In reading on color days, we read books about that color! On brown day, we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See. It’s all about different animals and what colors they are. After we read Brown Bear, we all chose an animal and we wrote about our own animal. I chose an orange and white cat because that is what I have at my house. His name is Remy. I have a guess for what book we will read on rainbow day. You can check it out below in the picture! The most fun part about COLOR DAYS is that we all dress in that color. We have to plan our outfits ahead! 1st grade is lots of fun and I am so happy to be at HBRES!