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Students and Staff at Hinckley-Big Rock High School are enjoying fresh brewed iced coffee, chai teas, hot chocolate and lemonades from the new student-run coffee shop that opened in September of this school year.

The Crown Café, which was named by the entire student body, is a coffee shop that is run by students in our Special Education & Transitional Programs. 

The student baristas serve the HS students and staff daily during the lunch time hour.  Since September we have served over 2,500 drinks! Each student barista has come a long way, working hard to learn how to make each drink, as well as, filling orders, using customer service skills, and improving on their social skills. 

Each month we have introduced new drinks to our menu, as well as our popular Wednesday Special, a strawberry smoothie, or a frosted lemonade! These decisions are developed and planned by the student baristas. 

The overall concept of the Café is for the students to learn the initial job skills through hands-on experiences and then move them outside of the school to businesses in the community.

Part of our plan has been to include the entire HS student body as a source for ideas and assistance. We rely on students volunteering to assist our baristas as cashiers and when we are short staffed. Have you seen our new logo?  We are excited to share the Café’s new logo, created by HBRHS student, Sami Carlino! 

These baristas have also been very busy volunteering their time and skills throughout the school and community at many local events; Taste of HBR Homecoming, Teacher Institute Day, Hinckley Christmas Tree Lighting Event, HBR Coffee & Conversation and a HBR School Board Meeting. 

We are very proud of our student baristas and all that they have accomplished in such a short time.  We appreciate the support of the district and our high school students and staff in helping us to bring our dream to a reality!