PickUp Patrol

Hinckley-Big Rock CUSD #429 has been utilizing PickUp Patrol (PUP) for the past two years. We will continue using their services and will use their expanded service for daily self-certification for students and staff for at-home health screenings. Remember that in addition to this self-certification process, we will also be taking the temperature of every student and staff member on a daily basis. 

Here is how PUP works for our families:

At-home screening - Parents will use PUP to complete a health screening for their child(ren) each morning before leaving for school. The system will utilize CDC recommended questions with yes/no answers. Questions will include topics surrounding symptoms, Covid-19 exposure, and temperature. We ask that this is completed no later than 7:50 am for our AM in-person attendees and 11:50 am for our PM in-person attendees. If your student arrives at school earlier than our regular schedule for attendance at the Indian Valley Vocational Center (IVVC), we ask that you complete this process no later than 7:15 am.

Status: Once the questions have been answered, the student is given a status based on the answers. You will receive one of the following messages:

  • All clear! See you at school!

  • Do not attend school today. If you have more than one student, keep them all at home until further notice. Please call our school nurse, Laura Shea, at 815-286-3430 for further instructions. If Mrs. Shea can not be reached, please contact the main office of your child(ren)’s building:

    • HBRES (815) 286-3400

    • HBRMS (630) 556-4180

    • HBRHS (815) 286-7501

School Oversight: The application compiles the parent submissions, giving our schools a Health Screening page that lists all of their students with their status for the day.

  • Green: All clear

  • Red: Alert

  • Yellow: Screening has not been submitted yet

This view will be used to follow up with parents, complete health screening interviews, or check status when students are boarding the bus, dropped off, or entering the building.

Car dropoff check: As parents drop off students, we are asking for parents to show a staff member their phone displaying the ALL CLEAR status for their children. Students getting dropped off by non-guardians can have their status checked against the School Summary page before entering the building.

Daily door check: Students may be assigned to specific doors to spread out the load of student congregation as we maintain social-distancing. As students enter, they say their name and are checked against the school status page. Students with either a “yellow” or “red” status will follow a designated protocol. Older students with cell phones (HBRMS and HBRHS) with a “yellow” status may be asked to contact a parent on their own to have their status submitted by their parent. The school may follow up with the parents of younger students with a “yellow” status. At any time, if we do not have a self-certification for a student from their at-home health screening, we may conduct the health screening. Self-certification, or staff performed screenings, must occur before entrance to the building is permitted.

Returning users

If you have already used PickUp Patrol in the past and have an account, you don’t need to take any additional steps. You will see a “Health” button at the bottom of the screen. Click on that option and you can walk through the health screening. Remember that you will need to do this on a daily basis.

New users

Be on the lookout for an email from PickUp Patrol with a registration link. PUP is free to parents and you can use it from your smartphone or computer. PUP is not available on the app stores.  In a few days, you will receive an email with registration instructions to set up your password. Be sure to register right away, because the link will expire soon. Once you have access to PUP, you will see a “Health” button at the bottom of the screen. Click on that option and you can walk through the health screening. Remember that you will need to do this on a daily basis.

We ask that you prepare to use PickUp Patrol starting on August 19th, our first day of student attendance, for our daily self-certification process of at-home health screenings. If you run into issues trying to use PUP, do not worry, we’ll adjust and be flexible as we get the school year started. Thanks for partnering with us as we work diligently to keep the health and safety of our students and staff a top priority.

PS....here is a link to a resource that may be helpful - PickUp Patrol Parent FAQ - https://www.pickuppatrol.net/parent-questions