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Hi, my name is Jennifer Darlinger and I am so excited to serve HBR as the new Director of Student Services! The Department of Student Services has started the 2023-2024 year strong! I have had the joy of visiting all of the special education classrooms and meeting the students, teachers, and support staff. In my time with students and staff, I have been able to learn about our students, community, and our wonderful programming. These interactions have been the highlight of my school year thus far. I’ve been able to observe meaningful hands-on learning experiences, dedicated teachers, and excited students. The beginning of the school year energy is contagious. I am thankful and blessed to be in such a welcoming, kind, and supportive community. 

The Department of Student Services offers many interventions and services to our HBR students and families. Our services begin in early childhood, at age three with our early childhood program, and continue Kindergarten-12th grade, extending through age 22 for students who need transition services and/or life skills training.  We have an ALL Ed philosophy instead of a special education and general education view. Our teachers serve as interventionists and case managers. The Department of Student Services provides interventions and support for multi-language learners (MLL), any student who needs additional social/emotional or academic interventions, and students who have been identified as needing an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan. 

We couldn’t support all of these needs without an amazing team of teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service providers. Also a special thank you to our Transportation Department for getting our students safely to and from school! This year our Student Services team welcomed seven new teachers, eight new paraprofessionals, and a department administrative assistant. 

Please welcome our newest Royal members to our HBR Student Services team, as well as our returning educators. We are so thankful for the important work you do to help ALL students be successful!

Elementary School

Early Childhood

Teachers: Rachel Mendoza & Tamara Reddington 

Paras: Christi Stonebreaker, Marisa Walsh, Molly Ferguson, Bridget Wilkening, &  Michelle Hansen

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Teachers:  Maggie Schrader (5th), Erin Ball (3rd/4th), Heather Mataragas (K-2), Cassi Whitfield (Instructional Skills Program)

Paras: Tina Brian, Abbegail Campbell, Sarah Bayler, Ericka Koulis, Jennifer Haberkost, Sharon Hane, Kathy Kaus, Amber Murphy, Jamie Seil, Jaclyn Palgen

Middle School

Teachers: Emily Hausl, Noel Sutcliff & Cord Sauer

Paras: Ruthie Dienst, Cathy Flannery, Maggie Heery & Carrie Rooney 

High School

Teachers: Cathy Harper, Mary Therriault & Rob Vogel

Paras: Wendy Altosino, Lynn Kavcar, Doug Brewington, & Christine Clark

K-12 Multilingual Program (MLL)

Teacher: Susan Clark Interpreter/aide: Guadalupe Martinez

Related Service Providers

Tara Neidigh (Middle School / High School), Mallory Wassmann (Elementary School), & Danielle Grady (Intern) - Social Workers

Manda Davis and Sara Lambert - Speech-Language Pathologists

Wendy Emma, Kylea Starkey, Megan Hart, and Alysia Baker- OT/PT team

Laura Gilmore (Interventionist/Hearing Itinerant Teacher), and Ashley Keegan (Vision Itinerant Teacher)

Nicky Abbs (High School Counselor) and Sarah Kuperus (District Psychologist)

District Office

Megan Sheffer, Student Services Administrative Assistant 815-286-7576

Jennifer Darlinger, Director of Student Services 815-286-7588

Please feel free to reach out. Stay tuned for future blogs with more information on our wonderful programs.

Yours in Education,