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For last week’s Every Royal’s Voice, we asked our 5th grade students, who are excited to move on to middle school, to share some of their memorable moments here at Hinckley-Big Rock Elementary School. We are so proud of this entire class of 5th graders and all they have accomplished. Please enjoy reading some of their reflections! Next week, we will continue hearing from more students.

Andrew H. I think the best thing about HBRES is how we have a small school where everyone knows each other and how we have known our classmates since kindergarten. Every year I’m scared to go into a new grade, but every teacher is so welcoming and helpful. I have been in this school for eight years and I have not had a single bad teacher. 

Olivia A.  My favorite memory of my time at HBRES is having learning buddies. We did many projects like painting with watercolors and reading together.

Jonathan B. My favorite memory of my time at HBRES is when I met Mrs.Crawford. She is the best teacher in the world. I also met some awesome friends.

Brooklyn B. I have been at HBRES for 7 years. I'm going to miss it. My favorite memory is having learning buddies and Mrs. Brewington’s gift shop. I also love the walk a thon and movie days with popcorn.

Evan F. When I look back at my time here there are so many cool times. I loved playing kickball in 3rd grade. In 4th grade, we read the book Number the Stars. I like that book because it is so touching. In 5th grade, we won the walkathon and that was a first in my time. Now we are going to 6th and I have no idea what it will be like. I just hope that it is fun!

Max S. One of my favorite memories at HBRES is from kindergarten, when I met my best friends for the first time. Ever since then, we’ve hung out almost every day. My second favorite memory would have to be this year, in 5th grade, when I met my student teacher, Ms. P for the first time. She is always very kind to us and helps us have a great time, every single day. My third favorite memory would have to be in 3rd grade, with my teacher Mrs. Claypool. She would always make sure we were having fun, no matter what we were doing that day. If we were feeling down, she would cheer us up. Even in 2020, Mrs. Claypool always made us have fun and participate in fun activities. And finally, my favorite memory of all time at HBRES is being able to go down to kindergarten every single day to help out and have fun with the kids. They really just brighten my day, and make some days where I'm feeling gloomy and sad turn into days that make me happy and cheerful.