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The transition to middle school can be scary for students and parents alike. HBRMS works hard to help our 6th graders make the transition to middle school.  To ease this transition, the process begins in May while students are still in 5th grade. During the last few weeks of school, our 5th graders visit the middle school for an afternoon. During their visit, they get the opportunity to sit in classrooms, explore the building, and ask questions of current students and the administration. 
Another opportunity that students have for getting comfortable in the middle school building is summer school. Our summer school sessions provide the students with a preview of what middle school will be like. This past summer, we had 10 future middle schoolers attend our summer program. 
Classroom visit with Ms. Lewis ~  Math is FUN!
Making a PE plan with Mr. Novotny

Students enjoy the outdoor tables (aka, Cafe El'Fresco)
To kick off the new school year, the 6th-grade orientation was held on August 4th. This event is for students only. The day consists of a shortened schedule where students get to meet all of their teachers, practice locker combinations, and participate in a Q & A session with staff and students (and eat snacks!).  Over 35 incoming students attended the morning activities to start this school year!

3-2-1! Right...then left...then right again!
Students were also able to start picking up their schedules in early August from the office which allowed them time to visit the school with parents, grandparents, and sometimes even siblings who are alumni of HBRMS. These visits allow for a less structured time for students to walk their schedules, work on lockers, and see a staff member or two who may be working in their classrooms. 

6th graders experiencing passing period
On the second day of school, parents were invited to attend the HBRMS Back to School Night. This night allows parents the opportunity to follow a shortened version of their child's schedule and meet all of their child's teachers. 
These 6th graders had a lot to say about their pre-middle school worries and their favorite parts now that it has begun:
Stella P: I enjoy Study Hall because Mr. Jourdan makes it fun! Mr. Jourdan makes it fun because he is a wonderful teacher. 
Millie G: I enjoy seeing Mr. Jourdan and telling him stories about my day.

Gunner B: It is nice; it is a new genre of school and very different from 5th grade. 

Emma C: Going into middle school I was scared to do my locker, but with Mr. Novotny's help it was not that bad. 

Cooper J: I like the gym, there are a lot more different units. 

Roxy B: I was worried about where my classes were, but the people here are very helpful. 

Sara W: The cafeteria food is way better than in 5th grade!

Bella C: I really like the teachers. I also enjoy switching classes. Mrs. C has been very helpful. 

Katie K: I really like the teachers and love all of the classes!

Kairi E: I really like Mr. Jourdan. 

Ben D: I really enjoy switching classes. 

Lucas M: I like all the teachers. 

Brylee B: My favorite parts about 6th grade are eating outside and switching classes. 

JJ: My favorite part about 6th grade is being able to play soccer with my friends. 

Andrew E: Science makes my day!
HBRMS 2022-2023 6th-Grade Class
The gang is back together after summer!