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ADDRESS: 47W984 US-30, Big Rock, IL 60511

PHONE: (630) 556-4180

FAX: 815-286-7577

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Hinckley-Big Rock Middle School (HBRMS) was started by combining Hinckley Elementary and Big Rock Elementary schools’ 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in 2007. The school supports the social-emotional, cognitive and physical needs of all our students. Our learning environment was created with procedures and routines in mind but also with the flexibility to meet the student’s individual needs. Our teachers reinforce “soft skills” daily like responsibility, making wise decisions, showing commitment, leadership and time management skills which we believe will make our students productive members of their community.

The teachers' schedules allow for time with each other in “Professional Learning Communities “ The PLCs focus on four essential questions:

  • What do we want students to learn?

  • How will we know when students have learned it?

  • How will we help students who experience difficulty in learning?

  • How will we challenge students who excel in learning?

The time is also spent looking at data and having professional discussions around curricular topics.

Students participate in math, science, social studies, and physical education courses. English Language Arts (ELA) is offered in a double block of time. Students receive additional support in math and reading during daily intervention time. Our students have the opportunity during exploratory classes to participate in art, civics, exploratory science, nutrition and fitness, health, keyboarding and study skills, newsletter, current events, and technology depending on their grade level. Students have the opportunity to take part in jazz, symphonic, and concert bands. Sports are offered for both boys and girls in basketball, cheerleading, soccer, track, and volleyball.

We at HBRMS are committed to providing opportunities for students to enrich their learning experiences through the use of technology. We provide opportunities for students to effectively communicate and express ideas through a variety of means. We encourage the student’s ability to think critically, logically, and independently as well as to work cooperatively. We work to prepare our students to be career ready graduates who have the skills and motivation to pursue a self-directed goal, adapt to challenges along the way, and know the options to obtain their post-secondary careers.

HBRMS encourages all students to become actively involved in serving the Big Rock and Hinckley communities. Our Community Service Club works with leaders in both communities in order to offer students a wide range of volunteering opportunities throughout the school year and summer. Opportunities include: helping at the Hinckley Park District, Plowing Match, Royal Jaunt 5K, Historical Society dinners, Hinckley Food Pantry, and various fundraisers. Science club allows our students to further their skills in the scientific process through a science fair project. Technology club has our students planning and producing a daily broadcast of HBRMS morning news on channel 75. Student Council gives the students opportunities to develop their leadership skills and facilitate communication between staff and students. Our yearbook club designs and develops the Middle School’s annual yearbook .

Parental support is a critical component in our student’s success and we appreciate all parent involvement. The PTO is always looking for parents who are willing to help out at school functions and at the monthly PTO meetings.