Thank you for taking time to get to know our school’s website and the principal’s page! I'm so thankful for the opportunity afforded to me to serve as Co-Principal with Mrs. Strouss last year. I quickly learned that the HBR community is welcoming, warm and inviting. The families here have been extremely supportive and I'm thankful to be part of such a wonderful team at HBRMS!

Our focus this school year is to build our supports for students related to social/emotional learning. One way we're doing this is by continuing our Character Strong lessons that focus on helping students make ethical and healthy decisions as they grow older. The curricular resource offers discussion topics and Character Dares that encourage all of us to "give back" and help those in need. We also have a student-led Character Strong committee that is planning team-building activities for throughout the year.

The middle school has several objectives that we work on with all our students. We develop in each student an awareness of the responsibilities of citizens as part of the democratic process. We develop in each student and understanding of themselves and others and the ability to adapt to change. We encourage the student’s ability to think critically, logically and independently as well as work cooperatively. We instill in each student a moral and ethical responsibility to exercise self-discipline, fairness, tolerance and respect for all people. We provide opportunities for students to effectively communicate and express ideas through a variety of means and to enrich their learning experiences through the use of technology. Students are prepared to be career ready graduates who have the skills and motivation to pursue a self-directed goal, adapt to challenges along the way, and know the options to obtain their post-secondary careers. Students are exposed to different careers through our annual career day and are encourage to take a day to go out visit their parents at their place of work.

All of us here at HBRMS are looking forward to another successful year getting our students Ready To Go…

I thank you for your support of HBRMS. As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact the middle school office 630-556-4190 or via email

Please check us out on social media we are on Facebook, Instagram (hbrmsroyals) and Twitter (@hbrmsroyals).


Kim Torman