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Our journey as part of the HBR family began the summer of 2013 when my husband, Dr. Travis McGuire, started his position as HBR Superintendent. We were excited to come to the little town of Hinckley and experience life in a small, quiet town. Our twins, Ella and Elliot, were 9 years old and entering 4th grade. 

As to be expected, both of them were nervous to be starting a new school where they didn’t know a soul but what a warm and friendly welcome they received! Kids from their class greeted them with smiles as they walked up to the opening ceremony on the elementary playground and invited them to stand in line with them. To this day, as Seniors in high school, those same kids are still some of their closest friends! We knew immediately that HBR was going to be a great place for our kids to be.

Having twins in the school system has allowed us to see and experience most aspects of what HBR has to offer. With very different interests, Ella and Elliot have kept busy with activities such as golf, basketball, track, baseball, band, pep band, jazz band, Student Impact, National Honor Society, and various other clubs. I think they have almost seen it all! I have been so impressed with what our small school has to offer our students. 

We have also had the unique experience of watching our two kids travel the same academic road at the same time but have vastly different experiences. As with any siblings, just because they are twins doesn’t mean they have had identical classroom experiences. There have been some bumps along the way but overall the support from the high school teachers and staff has been top-notch. The personal attention and connection that our teachers are able to have with students are invaluable. I can honestly say that all of Ella and Elliot’s teachers have played an important part in shaping and influencing their interests and future career choices. I know that they are well prepared for their future as Grand Canyon University Lopes!

As my journey as an HBR parent comes to an end as Ella and Elliot walk across the graduation stage and receive their diplomas and a hug from their dad, don’t be surprised to look out in the crowd and see me shedding a few tears (I’m not crying as I write this blog either). What a wonderful journey it has been. It’s been a blessing for us to be part of the HBR family! 

~ Keri McGuire