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My brother and I moved to Hinckley over the summer. Our old freshman class is 10x the size of our current one at HBR, and our school had to be at least 15x bigger. However, I prefer the smaller school already. From staff and students smiling at me in the halls, to teachers and classmates checking in on me from my first day of school. It is the little things that they do that make my days much better. Not to mention how friendly everyone is. I couldn't imagine having a friendly conversation with my janitors at my old school. It was intimidating going to a new school far from my friends I grew up with and the town I knew like the back of my hand. But joining the cheer team really helped me. I made friends with them and the dance team. Then they introduced me to new people, leading to my friend group now. But even without the guidance of the cheer team, I’ve also made amazing friends on my own. Wanting to meet new people, I ran for Student Council Vice President of the freshman class and won! For anyone who is going to be joining the HBR family, I personally will say–coming from someone who wasn't too happy to be moving to a farm town–it's worth it, and if you came from a busy town and school like I did, it's going to be crazy different, but I couldn't imagine anything better.

~ Obi Ezuma, freshman

These past few weeks at HBR have been a transition for me because my sister and I moved from a larger town and larger school to Hinckley. But over the summer when I met the basketball team, that made things a whole lot easier. The coach, Mr. Sanderson, and the players welcomed me both on and off the court. By the first day of school, I already had people to talk to and new friends to sit with at lunch. I'm looking forward to attending clubs and sports events, maybe even participating in some of them. I can't wait to see what HBR has in store for me and my sister.

~ Emeka Ezuma, freshman