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This year, Drew Magis, Matt Olsen and I were selected to fill the new instructional coaching positions created this year. Our work began this past summer when the three of us completed coursework on instructional coaching. We continue to pursue our own professional development with additional coursework, attending professional development conferences and by taking advantage of local and regional networking groups.

Why use instructional coaching to deliver professional development?  
The ultimate goal of professional development is for individuals to transfer what they have learned to their own professional practices.  Although most often seen in education, it is not uncommon to see Instructional coaches used in other professions, such as healthcare.  Here at HBR, instructional coaching provides ongoing support and guidance to teachers they work with. This ensures that the teacher successfully reaches their instructional goals and improves the learning experience for the students at HBR. 

Meet the Instructional Coaches
Erin Flanigan
As an instructional coach, I have the privilege of working with great teachers from across the district, and although an elementary literacy lesson looks nothing like a high school math class, I see similarly strong instructional practices in the classes I visit.  This opportunity has helped me become a better educator myself, as well as re-energize my own classroom teaching.  The best part of my job has been the opportunity to collaborate with our teachers--helping them reflect on their own teaching and set goals that will have a meaningful impact on their students. 

Matt Olsen
I am humbled and honored to serve as an instructional coach for the Hinckley-Big Rock School District.  Coaching has long been a part of who I am whether on the field, in the gym or in the classroom.  There is no greater joy than helping others continually strive to become the best version of themselves.  Serving in this capacity has allowed me to make a greater impact on the students of Hinckley-Big Rock as the duties of this position stretch Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  I look forward to the exponential growth that will be made as we continue to strengthen our instructional practices and develop quality relationships with students. 

Drew Magis
As an instructional coach in the district, my role is to facilitate meaningful and impactful conversations with teachers to improve student learning.  It has been a privilege to offer professional development across the district and to individual educators.  My focus has been bringing HBR to a higher standard of success and student engagement through rich instructional practices.  My role also entails fostering positive relationships across the district and ensuring collaboration and problem-solving is at the heart of everything we do.

From left to right: Drew Magis, Erin Flanigan, Matt Olsen