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In this week’s Every Royal’s Voice, we continue to share memories from our elementary school 5th graders. This is an incredible group of students who have made some amazing memories here. They are excited for their future at middle school and beyond. We wish all of our Royal 5th graders the very best as they move on!

Abby H. There are a lot of memories I can remember from HBRES. It's hard to choose one, but I will tell you about one special time. When I was in kindergarten I had learning buddies and they were my best friends. My memory of them is when we were working on a project together. The project was a picture of us on top of hands that said thing one, thing two and thing three. We took silly pictures together and I still have them even in fifth grade. Even when I forget the memory, I still have those pictures. And now I hope I can be like that to my learning buddies in kindergarten and be their best friends forever.

Isaac C. Voy a extrañar a mi maestra Sra. Thomas mucho. Ella no se enoja mucho. Ella es la mejor maestra. (I am going to miss my teacher, Mrs. Thomas, very much. She does not get upset very much. She is the best teacher.) 

Yaretzi H-G. What I am going to miss the most is someone special- Mrs. Thomas. I will always feel proud to speak Spanish too. I have even taught Mrs. Thomas some Spanish.

Karter J. I have had a lot of good memories here at HBRES, like having so much fun playing sports at recess and making so many friends. My memory that I will always remember is making my first friend here at HBR. He will always be my friend forever - he was so welcoming and funny and nice. 

Piper S. One of the best memories has to be the teachers. They make so many learning things fun. I have so many fun memories. Mrs.Thomas, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Hervey and a lot of the other teachers - they are the best in my opinion.

Evelyn M. My favorite memory is making new friends. I can look back at elementary years and say, “Wow, I came a long way!” I may have only been in this school for a few years, but a lot has happened. So “goodbye elementary school, thanks for the memories. Now there are more memories to be made in middle school!”