Facilities Improvement Project

On September 20, 2023, the Board of Education voted to approve the Notice to Proceed Agreement with Engie to complete the identified scope of work. Improvements will include:

  • safety & security of the interior space, which will include installing secure entrances at the high school main entrance and district office entrance (door 10)

  • improvements and replacements for HVAC units at end of life

  • noise control in all of the buildings

  • moisture control in all of our buildings

  • pavement work at the middle school

  • improvements in the middle school gym

Please watch the recording of the Community Forum from Spring 2023 for more information about identified facilities improvement needs and funding options.

Table with metrics from video, ENGIE Phase 1 Creative Solutions Safety + Security Interior CPTED Secure Entrance, Wayfinding, + LC CPTED Secure Entrance + Wayfinding Automated ADA Entrances Collaboration Space (Staff) Safe/Open Computer Classroom Gym Exit, Renovation, Bleachers, + Flooring Safety + Security Exterior CPTED Vehicle + Pedestrian Traffic Calming Noise Control Acoustics (Classroom) Acoustics, Collaboration Space, + Entry (Cafeteria) Acoustics (Music) - Permanent Acoustical Wall (Storage) Acoustics + Collaboration Space (Cafeteria) Acoustics (Classroom) Life-Cycle Ventilation + Air Quality Resolve DO HVAC Issues HVAC Life-Cycle AC Life-Cycle Locker Room Heating Life-Cycle Kitchen Ventilation Moisture Control + Thermal Health Moisture Control (Vestibule + Classrooms) Moisture Control (Lower Level Classrooms) Skylights + Paint (Early Childhood) Locker Room Entrance Location 26% HS DO All HS HS MS 32% MS EXT 14% HS MS ES ES ES 24% DO ES ES MS MS 5% ES MS ES ES

FOUNDATIONS FOR A S A F E , HEALTHY FACILITY M Mooi i s s t t u u r r e e C ontrol + Th e rmal Health Health Safety + eNGie S ecurity I Intterior Water+ Water + Food Food Quallity Noise Control + Effective Use of Interior Use of Interior Space Safety + S ecurity Exterior Exterior Liffe-Cycle Ventilation + Ventilation + Air Quality Other Other Effective Effective Use o f Exterior Space Space , each section in chart with royals logo

Middle School Improvements

MS bleacher Design

Middle School Bleachers will be installed that allow for flexible seating to accommodate ADA, team benches, and more. Hussey Seating Maxam Flex Row Bleachers