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Make up days 2018-2019

What a winter....and it is not even over yet! The purpose of this announcement is to inform our community of the plans to make up our 5 emergency days that we have used due to the winter weather.

We have a unique opportunity to try something new and are going to take advantage of it. Monday, April 22nd, is a date that we set aside when making the 2018-2019 calendar as a possible make up day. We are going to utilize April 22nd as one of our 5 mandatory make up days, however, students won't be coming to school on that day. This is the opportunity to try something new that we are going to take advantage of. Public Act 100-0465 allows for local decisions related to where and how learning occurs. You may have heard of other districts using E-learning or Alternative Learning Days when school is cancelled due to weather. Our school district will pilot our own “Royal Remote Learning” on April 22nd to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of utilizing remote learning days in our 2019-2020 calendar.

Each building is in the process of determining what individual students will have to document and submit for verification of learning for the remote learning day. Our plan is for students to receive the information they need regarding these requirements no later than April 8th. This work can be completed on or before April 22nd. The timing is a student/family decision. The student’s work must be submitted no later than the beginning of the school day on April 23rd. You will hear more details from the building(s) that your student(s) attend in the coming weeks.

This leaves four days that we must make up. These make up days will be May 28th through May 31st. The last day of school, even if we have to cancel school another day for an emergency situation, will be Friday, May 31st. 

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to call the appropriate building Principal:

HBRES - Ms. Julie Melnyk - (815) 286-3400

HBRMS - Mr. Jeff Strouss - (630) 556-4180

HBRHS - Mr. Jay Brickman - (815) 286-7501

Travis McGuire
(815) 286-7578