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Illinois Youth Survey

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The middle school and high school years are an important time of identity formation for our students. As they grow older and make these transitions in their educational experience, they are also forming new friendships and trying to find their place among their peers. This is a great time of learning and growth but also a challenging time that can lead young people to take unhealthy risks. As a school district we want to ensure that we are aware of the trends both locally and across the state related to student risk behaviors such as drug and alcohol use in order to better support those students who struggle in these areas.


In order to gain more insight from our students about these issues we will be conducting the Illinois Youth Survey on February 20, 2020 with our 10th and 12th grade students. For more information about this survey please see the attached document or visit


Please reach out to the high school office with your questions and we will be glad to speak with you.




Brandon Kriesch

Assistant Principal

Hinckley-Big Rock High School