COVID-19, school closures, and social distancing can be difficult for our children to understand. Please access the following links if you would like support with explaining the pandemic and the reasoning for the school/community closures:

Podcast https://www.brainson.org/shows/2020/03/10/understanding-coronavirus-and-how-germs-spread-for-kids

BrainPop https://www.brainpop.com/health/diseasesinjuriesandconditions/coronavirus/

Kid Explorer explains social distancing https://youtu.be/4ex4H6n_s7w

Science Mom/Math Dad Video https://youtu.be/WwQMtSI3i5I

Hello, My Name is Coronavirus: PDF Book for Ec-2nd Grade

Social Distancing Social Story: Social Distancing

Social Distancing: For Kids by Kids https://youtu.be/4ex4H6n_s7w

For some of us, the social distancing and fear of the unknown may cause increased stress or anxiety. Please access these resources for ideas for coping. As always, if someone in your family requires immediate attention call 911.


For counseling support via text, students and adults can access the Crisis Text Line