• 2018-2019

    Mrs. T Will Return on Monday, March 11th!!!


    Annette Theobald ("Mrs. T") will be back behind the wheel of her bus on Monday, March 11th, much earlier than anticipated.  We are excited and happy she is recovering so well AND her route will be back to normal on the 11th.  If your students is one of her riders, bus pick up and drop off times will be back to normal on Monday, March 11th! 









    Transportation Information

    Bus routes and times for 2018-19 are posted.  Students should be outside, waiting at their stop for the bus to arrive a few minutes prior to the arrival time listed.  Buses cannot wait for students who are not at their stop, not can drivers reroute and come back to pick up a student who has missed the bus. 

    for drop-off at the end of the day, students in K-2 must have a parent or guardian present when they arrive at the stop. If a parent or guardian is not present to receive the student(s), the child(ren)  will be taken back to HBRES and parents will have to pick them up there.


    Hinckey Middle School Student In-Town Bus Information

    Stops and pick-up times for Hinckley middle school students for 2018-19 are below.  Your student should report to the stop listed below that is closest to home and use that stop for pick-up and drop-off for the entire school year. 

     Hinckley 8 – Mrs. Ruhl

    Mrs. Ruhl will again pick-up students along McKinley. Her stops and times will be:

    McKinley and Garfield             8:12 AM

    McKinley and Maple                8:14 AM

    McKinley and Coster                8:15 AM

    McKinley and Rees                  8:17 AM


    Hinckley 9 – Mrs. Blume

    Mrs. Blume will pick-up students in the northwest corner of town..  Her stops and times will be:

    West Miller and Prairie View    8:15 AM

    Meadow Lane and W Amie       8:18 AM

    W Amie and N View                8:19 AM

    W Amie and Louise                  8:20 AM


    Hinckley 10 – Mrs. Flannery

    Mrs. Flannery will cover the Miller/Clark, Prairie and Donald Street area. Her stops and times will be:

    Miller and Sycamore                8:13 AM

    Miller and Oak                         8:14 AM

    Coster and Prairie                     8:16 AM

    Chistensen and Donald             8:18 AM


    If you have any questions regarding these stops, please e-mail mslosar@hbr429.org for more information, or call 815-286-7329  for more information.


    Shuttling between buildings

    Middle school students who will ride the bus only  from HBRES to HBRMS, must be at the elementary school by 8:10 AM.  Elementary students from Big Rock who will ride from the middle school to the elementary only must be at the middle school by 8:10 AM. Any high school student from Big Rock riding from the middle school to the high school only, must also be at the middle school by 8:10 AM. 

    Substitute Drivers

    The Hinckley-Big Rock School District makes use of substitute drivers (as do other districts) when necessary due to sporting event/activity bus needs and/or driver illness.  Our substitute drivers do their best to pick up and drop off your students in the same timely manner as our regular drivers.  Sometimes these buses maybe running a little bit late but we always get students home safely.  If you are concerned about a bus time, please contact Mr. Flannery at 815-286-7329.


    Regular Bus Routes and Times will be posted by the beginning of August

    Regular bus rider routes and times will be posted as soon as possible.  At this time we do not anticpate any major changes to our routes.