From the Principal

  • Thank you for taking time to get to know our school’s website and the principal’s page.  I am beginning my 15th year in the district and the 12th at Hinckley-Big Rock Middle School. From the time I began to now I describe our school and the entire district to people as a place that is very special a little piece of nirvana in the corn field.  The teachers and staff work daily to provide students with quality educational experiences. The teachers, staff and I take pride in building meaningful relationships with all our students. It continues to be an honor to work with all the parents, community members, staff and teachers throughout the school year.

    For the second year we are working on the academic vocabular program called Word Generation.  It is a supplementary curicular resource that offers a series of discussable dilemmas designed to promote academic language and other academic practices priotized in the 21st century learning standards. 

    The middle school has several objectives that we work on with all our students. We develop in each student an awareness of the responsibilities of citizens as part of the democratic process. We develop in each student and understanding of themselves and others and the ability to adapt to change. We encourage the student’s ability to think critically, logically and independently as well as work cooperatively. We instill in each student a moral and ethical responsibility to exercise self-discipline, fairness, tolerance and respect for all people. We provide opportunities for students to effectively communicate and express ideas through a variety of means and to enrich their learning experiences through the use of technology. Students are prepared to be career ready graduates who have the skills and motivation to pursue a self-directed goal, adapt to challenges along the way, and know the options to obtain their post-secondary careers.  Students are exposed to different careers through our annual career day and are encourage to take a day to go out visit their parents at their place of work.

    All of us here at HBRMS are looking forward to another successful year getting our students Ready To Go…

    I thank you for your support of HBRMS.  As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact the middle school office 630-556-4190 or via email

    Please check us out on social media we are on facebook, instagram hbrmsroyals and twitter @hbrmsroyals


    Jeff Strouss