• Special Education Programming
    The Special Education Department provides an array of services and supports designed to meet the Individual Education Programs (IEP’s) of students in the least restrictive environment. HBR looks at each unique student to determine how to best support individual learning across the educational environment. The primary service approaches are determined by the child’s IEP team and consist of the following:

    Resource services consist of specialized instruction provided in the general education setting. This may include direct small group instruction, co-taught/inclusion classes, or a blended approach.

    Instructional classes provide a replacement curriculum aligned with the grade-level curriculum and Common Core State Standards. The students requiring this level of programming may have a blended schedule consisting of instructional classes, mainstream general education classes, and/or vocational training.

    Related Services
    Related services are recommended through the IEP team. Related services require an evaluation to identify if these services are required on a student’s IEP. The IEP team determines related services based on eligibility. A child may be found eligible for these (and other) related services: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Social Work.

    Students with disabilities have the right to receive special education services through age 21 (up to their 22nd birthday), if they have not received their diploma and the educational needs require ongoing instruction in order to transition to adult life.  A personalized approach to transition services allows each student to receive the support services necessary to be successful as they move into post-secondary life. 
    Specialized/Therapeutic Programs
    At times, students may require more specialized or intensive support than we are able to provide within the HBR school community. When this occurs, our team works with parents to determine the most appropriate placement option for the student.