About Our School Board Members

  •  Eric Wackerlin, current Board President 

    Eric Wackerlin was appointed to the school board in 2013.  He is the current Board president and has served in that capacity since 2017.

    "My wife, Tina, and I have lived in Hinckley since we were married in 2003. We have three kids; Brandon, a 2016 HBR graduate, Ashleigh, a freshman this year, and Chance, a seventh grader. We live just north of Hinckley, where I operate our farm.

         Serving on the school board has been extremely educational and rewarding. I find it interesting to understand the “big picture “ of how our district works as well as the small details that set us apart from others. There are many reasons I enjoy serving on the board. Most importantly being our recent goal to have students career ready. Be it college, a trade school, or entering the military or work force, I am happy that we are able to offer opportunities and guidance to each student in order that they feel prepared for their next steps in life.  I am also excited about our progress made in providing individualized learning for our students. All of this while providing a safe, inviting environment and providing it in a financially responsible manner

         I look forward to new challenges as our district evolves, but also cherish that comfortable feeling, for my family and yours, of truly being at home."


    Tim Badal, current Board Vice-President

    Tim Badal is a long time Hinckley resident and a graduate of HBR.  He was appointed to the Board in 2013 and has served as Vice-President since 2014. 

    Tom Mullis, current Board Secretary

    Tom Mullis was appointed to the Board in 2009.  He has served as Board Secretary  since 2014.  

    Melissa Oeters, Board Member

    Melissa Oeters has served on the Board since her appointment in 2011. She was Board President from 2014 until 2017. She is married to husband Dave and they have four children - JD 24, Chloe 20, Gabe 17 and William 14. Melissa has lived in the District for 50 years, in both Hinckley and currently in Big Rock. She states that "My goal in choosing to serve on the school board was to get involved in improving and developing our district " and is " proud of the board decision in hiring Dr. McGuire as our superintendent. Our continued integration of technology into the district and enriching the lives of our district families by improving the overall level of education as evidenced by higher test scores. "  

    Bill Duntemann, Board Member

    Bill Dunteman has served on the Hinckely-Big Rock School Board since his appointment in 2008.  He was elected Vice President of the Board in spring of 2011 and served as Vice President until the spring of 2013. He is a farmer and has lived within the HBR district for the past 29 years.   

    "My wife Kari and I have raised our four children Lauren, Erik, Rebecca and Jessica in the HBR system.  Jessica is in the class of 2020.  All other children are career bound.  Our community runs on volunteers.  My initial reason to participate as a board member was to spar about fiscal responsibility of the school district; securing the best education that our district can provide without overburdening our community with referendums and excessive taxes.  

    We currently have a well oiled machine.  Though there is always a way to improve, the leadership in our administration is second to the unknown.  Small town schools, as ours, has its limitations to resources.  Our administration and staff harnesses our resources to their full ability.  You can trust there is very little coasting of ambition when it comes to providing a higher education here at HBR.   

    As I'm within my final moment as a HBR board member I recognize the diverse group, of fellow members, that have compassion for all that we want our children to experience.  There is rarely a vote without a rock being turned by a member that has a viewpoint to be heard.  Rest assured, as new members come, they will be mentored by the best.   

    I thank all for the opportunity to serve. "

    Joan Umano, Board Member

    Board Member, Joan Umano, was elected to her first term on the Board in April of 2011.
    Bryan Hanacek, Board Member
    Bryan Hanacek was appointed to the Board in 2017.