• Students should be at their stop and ready to board AT LEAST 5 minutes prior to the bus stop time listed. 

    Routes for the new school year (2019-20) are being scheduled at this time. Route stops and times are currently posted for Big Rock 1, Big Rock 2, Big Rock 3, Big Rock 4 and Hinckley 8. New schedules will be posted for Hinckley 9 & Hinckley 10 this week. 

    Students should have only ONE stop for pick-up and drop-off. 

    When checking for a stop and/or time, please look at the general route directions, got to the route and look for you address OR an address near you.  If your exact address is not listed for rural routes, please estimate your pick-up time by finding an address near you and fill out a bus pick-up request using the form provided on this website. 

    The stops and times for Hinckley students shuttling to HBRMS from in-town Hinckley are already posted.  Your student should wait for the bus at the stop on the list that is closest to your home and use the SAME bus stop daily throughout the entire year. 

    Students shuttling between the schools (HBRES students to HBRMS for example) should be at their school of origin no later than 8:10 AM every morning to catch the bus to the other building.