• Speech and Language



Speech-Language Services at HBR

  • The Students We See

    Although we call ourselves "speech teachers," we do not only serve students with speech sound errors.  In fact, the majority of our students have language goals.  A speech-language pathologist (SLP) may work on goals in the following areas when there is an impact in the classroom:

    • Articulation or phonological processes (speech sounds)
    • Fluency (stuttering)
    • Voice disorders
    • Receptive language (e.g. understanding language, answering questions, following directions, vocabulary)
    • Expressive language (e.g. sentence structure, writing, organizing/telling stories)
    • Social communication skills
    • Phonological awareness

    Speech-Language Interventions

    While most of our students have Individual Education Plans (IEPs), we also provide interventions for students.  Interventions are provided for students as determined by the Problem Solving teams in each building and may include "speedy speech" articulation practice, writing intervention, and executive function support.