Infant and Early Childhood Screening

  • During the infant and preschool years...

    parents often wonder if their child’s development is typical of that seen in same age peers. Developmental screenings are designed to address these concerns and help parents learn more about their child’s skills.

    If you have concerns about your child, the HBR School District offers free developmental screenings throughout the school year to assess young children’s skills. These screenings are conducted by a team of District Educators and Specialists and are available to families living within the Hinckley Big Rock School District whose children are birth to 5 years of age.


    Early Childhood Screening is Free!!


    Hinckley Big Rock CUSD #429 

    Early Childhood Special Education Program

    Hinckley-Big Rock Elementary School

    Hinckley, Illinois 60520


    An Early Childhood Screening assesses your child’s development in the areas of:

    · Speech/Language

    · Fine Motor

    · Gross Motor

    · Early Learning/Cognition

    · Social-Emotional

    · Self-Care


    To make an appointment ... 


    Call Amy at 815-286-7576 or E-Mail

    The screening will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Afterwards, parents will have the opportunity to discuss the results of the screening as well as any concerns about their child, with a member of the screening team.


    Dates of Screenings

    We typically have 3 screenings (Fall, Winter, Spring) throughout the school year. Please call Amy at 815-286-7576 to find out dates.